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"What do you think of human sacrifice?" - Answer: "Also, people can be sacrificed ..."

to the satanic circles around the occult Masonic "Fraternitas Saturnis" and similar phenomena a little more to be illuminated in this post. The information gathered here in turn are based largely on unsystematic, "random" search on the net. Much more you would probably gather even more can - and will surely hope Federal, Attorney, Federal Constitutional Protection and sect commissioner do? - If we were to scour the Internet systematically for information. Also, a very current newspaper article is to rise again ( HNA, 9.2.11).

[deletions, additions, remarks on 27/02/2011 in this post been made with green color, after we have received letters from the "Fraternity Saturnis. See also the changes under the same date in our penultimate post "zombification" of politics by Okkultlogen? . ]

"What do you think of human sacrifice?" - "Also, people can be sacrificed ..."

In books such as those of Guido and Michael Grandt and other authors (see 1 - 13) would have been able to find many important information. The author Wolfgang Eggert deals also appears with the subject, if the quote side follows (emphasis not in original):
At the same time launched a broad campaign in motion by the magical work of FOGC Lodge (Masonic Order of the Golden Age) and their references to the FS (Fraternity of Saturn) should be questioned. When this was just succeeded in running the Saturn one last serious lapse, the chroniclers of the occult and Michael Guido Grandt deliver. "From a temporary 'Grand Master' of the box, 'Janada' alias Walter Jantschik" they write about Wolthers immediate successor, "we have before us in the original there is a written interview, which will grant to journalists Horst Knaut ... We quote excerpts :

Knaut: 'What do you think of human sacrifice? "

Jantschik: 'Also, people can be sacrificed ... I am for the sacrifice of people should both animals and humans to be sacrificed ... victim and killing species. should also be carried out in the magical practice. See also the FOGC lodges in the 20's or the Black Masses in France (Guido and Michael Grandt, "Black Book of Satanism," Knaur-Verlag, Munich 1995, p. 211 - 213).

This is the last stand in an inglorious piece of occult history, to date in this form could not be written. Probably not the only reason why the ideas and practices of "Fraternity of Saturn" have found so far more widespread: There are lodges in London, Paris, Basel, Zurich and Vienna, Luxembourg and even in Australia. In Germany alone there are more than fifty groups FS (Grandt supra)

The brothers Grandt, the researched on child abuse for a long time in the black magic environment learned from "Relationship between German, British and Australian Satanists ... including a British Medienboß." "The circle of Satanists is very big!", Revealed them an insider, who leads in Australia "Ritualistic Abus Consultancy, an advisory body for therapists, and especially for the victims and survivors of satanic ritual abuse. "Even business and politics are no exception."

"We notice," the authors write of their informant, "and stressed the Heike Compounds some Masonic groups with the children Satanism points. On our demand was surprised, she insists. About 15% of the victims, which they attended to Sydney to refer, in the indication of the circumstances surrounding field on Masonic references. 'Within the Freemasons are a group that called Magic Masons. And the ritual works with children. "(Grandt, p. 96)

We've come full circle back to the Satan supposedly clean" derived Oriental Templars ", which is the Saturn. Since in their of Tibetan Tantra borrowed cult celebrations children play has always been a role (Grandt, p. 233). And anyone can even check that is the creator of modern Reuss Willsson operated both as a founding officer rather strange magical Masonic lodges high degree. From the beginning, there was in this religious conglomerate close thematic and structural links, which had also Reussen successors stock. "Crowley was a high degree Freemason," said even the head of the Swiss OTO, Anne Marie Äschbach disclosed in an interview. And: "We are also in contact with Masons!" Within the Order there was a hierarchy that the levels of the Freemasons was adapted (Grandt, p. 234).

Source: "In the name of God, Israel's secret Vatican as executor of biblical prophecy." By Wolfgang Eggert, Volume 3, 3 Edition, Munich 2004, p. 502-504
The murders of Alcasser in Spain 1992

A German reader from Spain us on our previous post back wrote the following:
Very, very hot iron .. . There were several years ago in Spain are a case in which three girls disappeared without a trace on the way to the disco. They found their mutilated corpses verbuddelt happen much later in a gravel pit. The traces of FS Companions in the highest circles. A search mission was boycotted for nearly a year and sold. The alleged murderer was caught, but probably only a pawn sacrifice, then the marking on unexplained manner disappeared. It has done everything to disguise the elucidation of this case that has long engaged the public, to kidnap and eventually to stall.
It is the murders of Alcasser (other spellings: Alcasser / Alcácer) at Valencia in 1992. In German and English language network is found to present little evidence ( Wiki dt , Wikipe English , "Time" in 1992.)
... the crime of Alcacer (the kidnapping, rape, torture and murder of three 14 - to 15-year-old girl in a suburb of Valencia in 1992) ...
pushed as an explanation, the reader kind enough to include a Google translation of this page to revise hard for non-English speakers, is improving. We let this one stand so it will at least stichwortigartig clear what is being discussed (emphasis added in original):
a hypothesis about the real murderer

1.1 The killers are very influential and powerful people and are at the core of that power (or do not care very near), this country is governed. can be real and famous people?. Maybe ... are not excluded, that you are simply "very kind of ..." and that "from ..." It is the chestnuts from the fire with help from the government of the day drawn. A clarifying example we spent with kidnapping (Fortunately, failed, although he died a) of the German Youth in Granada at the end of July 2000 and who then was "carried it" in the abduction of the girl in Motril in August (which is not nothing is known). We have reason to believe that the kidnappers are the same ... and to think something that "rich and powerful" people from the Costa Del Sol and close to the "black gold" is linked ... and we know the kind of high-level relationships with some "citizens" from there ...

1.2 The killers are people who (call it somehow) related to the world from the satanic sadomasochistic and / or ... and perhaps with some connection to the core of power. In our country there are satanic cults (although to resist authorities, registration as a "Catholic" here) and relatives you are not exactly "Robaperas" ... but the people's money and power ("Mammon" Money God "devils" Christians are equal).

3.1 The killers are to military or paramilitary linked to NATO "Peace Mission" of the United Nations (interesting left the News of the World our friend Tireless on violations against children by "blue helmets" of UN, Evelyn to a paramilitary group of the Pentagon, the systematic rape of girls Bosnia and Kosovo participated hired.) (See Links section). Friday, November 13, 1992 the kidnapped girl. At that time period had a lot of movement in the port of Valencia. There were several countries, in addition to the English military ... and spent as we know, you "Men" (by calling you somehow) armed when you are thirsty of sex and desire and know that Battle is near and can die.

1.4. The killers ... simply not known. Police and Guardia Civil never knew who killed girls and Power installed this Paripe to cover a case of absolute scandal that could not be not guilty. However, this hypothesis is invalid, the other, but the only difference known killer of the previous state and the latter simply does not cover the state who were white.

two hypotheses about the motive of the crime

2.1. On "Fiesta Orgia" as a comment character "Bernardo" to "Deep Throat" or Luisa Isabel Laden in his illustrious degeneration. A "party" that is sure to time-consuming narcotics in abundance and that, had prominent rape and sadism girls.

2.2. The production of a "snuff film". The type of injuries for girls and some things that do not explain the forensic, Act like you made or used items.

2.3 We reject the hypothesis of "mobile" from "here you start here kill you" (typical of the casual rapist) think, because we know that there was some planning by the simple fact that had involved several (at least seven people from the DNA of the hair and pubic hair test) and of course more than 7 people in the car (if the official Version to follow) because it is completely absurd ... is then there were at least two (or three) "division of tasks: who kidnap (2.3?), participation in binge or snuff out and bury or women (5.7?) (2.3?).
Well, so much it becomes clear: here the same things are discussed that have been discussed in Germany, Belgium, France and Switzerland with respect to so many cases and discussed.

"Hostile takeover of state and society"?

asked in a reader review Komlóssy Alexander, Wiesbaden ( Amazon 10/31/2006 ):
Who's really crazy? The Okkultfreaks or those who give them credit for the hostile takeover of state and society?
Also on the blog "plutocrats" the claim that Satanists would be in the elite of our society and impede law enforcement, confirmed ( plutocrats, 24.3.2009 ).

"The thousand masks of the master"

(02.27.2011:) Because of the Fraternity letters from Saturnis deleted at this point we have a set, called in the person's name, were the research on the Internet easy are. (See also today's changes in our penultimate post "zombification" of politics by Okkultlogen? " . )

Ralph Tegtmeier, we pointed to in previous articles of this series, has written a biography of Aleister Crowley, one of the pioneers of the Satanists, entitled" The thousand masks of the master " . And under the same number of "cheerful" Masks seem even the present successor of Aleister Crowley, the "most evil man in the world" as he called himself, to engage in their madness to live in their "other world".

fraud, charlatanism are even the slightest reproach. But the allegations continue, ... (27/02/2011): At this point, we also delete a sentence. The complaints against Satanists today are generally collected in numerous books, must not even be here repeated. We have since then have just as many other contributions, without more direct connection to any particular satanic or "Saturnian" box from the "general" victim perspective treated. Ralph Tegtmeier is, according to many participants, many people have already placed in the psychiatric hospital and they have praised (see earlier post).

other hand, Ralph Tegtmeier by respected Publishing houses (Random House), touted as an author who had personal contacts "to many magicians and religious leaders." Even in circles of internet marketing it is traded for several years as a cult figure ("fantomaster").

personal contacts "to many magicians and religious leaders"

In 1979 he did today in a hard to get factual novel by the abuse of RAF murders by the FRG. That was two years after the brutal murder of Siegfried Buback, might be performed by a contact wife of West German intelligence service, namely, Verena Becker, who later naturopath learned. From the perspective of the terrorists, it was quite clear about "human sacrifice". The question is not what to think about these murders those that cover the bombers to this day (see Michael Buback Blog ).

Ralph Tegtmeier condemned as "ER Carmin" in his bestseller "Black Empire" so casually that "zombification" of the people by the New World Order, for which he writes under the name Frater VU "textbooks in the most expensive micro edition (" The Book of the power band I:.. Techniques of zombification The work to address the social struggle ", 111 copies each for 740 euros). Here, too, suggest relationships with "wealthy" people. For who else is buying such a book for 740 €?

Hartmut Benz was now (is?) prosecutor in Berlin and Ralph Tegtmeier for occult secret lodge Fraternitas Saturnis advertised because Tegtmeier had contacts to bring "real Satanists", ie those which human sacrifice (see earlier post ) . (It was reported on a forum. Kontaktanbahnen And that itself is surely not yet constitute punishable (-?). So we may be well to mention here that this assertion has been placed on the web.

Co-authors of Ralph Tegtmeier and ER Carmin

A former co-author Ralph Tegtmeier, Betty Tegtmeier (sister or wife?), now head of a publishing house that published sadomasochistic literature. Another co-author has published books on unsuccessful, unstable childhoods (possibly due to their own experiences) and of Mary Magdalene as a magician and lover of Jesus.

from the publishing group Random House is Ralph Tegtmeier (Frater VD, ER Carmin) follows provided alternate (supplemented with information this point ): Born
in Heliopolis, Cairo, raised in Africa, Asia and Europe, began as a child dealing with the occult and magic. He studied under Indian yoga and tantra masters. Studied Comparative Literature and Anglistik (Master degree). If one of the world's most modern magician and author known publications, including "School of High Magic", "Sexual Magic", "magic money". Magic translator authors (including Aleister Crowley), personal contacts with many magicians and religious leaders. Co-founder of the Pragmatic magic and Chaos magic, founder of the ice magic. His works have been translated into 15 languages.
And elsewhere:
his books alone, "School of High Magic" sold several hundred thousand times so far in Germany. Translator, seminar leader for magic and rare magical-occult writings published in the edition of Magus.
The Berlin prosecutor Hartmut Benz Grand Master of the satanic, or Saturnian Fraternitas Saturnis secret lodge under the name "Janus" and "Hamupe" (see, 10/03/2010 , "the Berlin Orient Lux Borealis under the leadership of Großkomptur Janus / Hamupe (Hartmut Benz) "). (we receive from the Fraternity Saturnis the news that Hartmut Benz was 20 years as a prosecutor in Berlin today, no more.)

In the annals of the net standing Fraternity of Saturn (1) to discuss issues such as "murder contracts" (... "in Nomine Baphometi"), "Alt-Nazis in the box," "occult-nationalist attitude," "misogyny," "pseudo science". So many similar issues as in the book "Black Empire".

co-author Betty Tegtmeier

Ralph Tegtmeier also seems a sister (or wife) named Betty Tegtmeier have. For we find the following directory on the web :
Su'a'no-ta, Sujja [di Betty Tegtmeier]: element magic. A practical guide. (With a foreword by V. Frater. D.. [Di Ralph Tegtmeier]). [1] lim. Edition of 333 copies (provisional No. 12). Bad Honnef-Aegidienberg, The Magus Edition Publisher Ralph Tegtmeier Nachf, 1983. 187 pages
a publisher operates under its own name (published by Betty Tegtmeier). This appeared published in 2003 by her "new SM-Stories of Women". And she runs the "side view Verlag.

Ralph Tegtmeier teaches "Techniques of zombification"

( Amazon ,, 24.2.2009 ,, 09/11/2004 ). Magus "Cassiel" says about ice magic (, 9/18/2010) (emphasis not in original):
ice magic is actually Helmut Bartels, who teaches internal martial art. This in turn has certain techniques learned from someone who has come in contact with shamans in Lapland. There is too cold and the area is too harsh, as the hunters a pet, which is usually several miles from their village have killed on the spot. The environment there is simply not the her heavy carcass then miles back to transport .
why these people have there developed a technique in which they touch an animal, so to speak, and this is wrest the handle any more. This is very similar, as one would hold a bird on his arm. If he wanted to fly, he needed pressure to divest himself from the arm. Offers you the bird, but to no back pressure, it is impossible for him to repel and fly away.

Helmut Bartels says of his techniques, this would not be magic, but simply a form of body training. Supposedly Bartels can perform wonders. This of course called Tegtmeier, so Frater VD on the scene and he was "students" from Bartels. VD Bartels circles something of a running gag. He was only 3 or 4 times in Bartels, has written down all these basic concepts and all these techniques, which have to do, according to Bartels to do with magic, transformed into the so-called "ice magic" and sold the whole since then for a lot of money idiots to him, the decrease also.

That this is what I say is true, you realize alone is the fact that VD can never teach itself, but always a student of Bartels as partners needs, as he himself said yes as it only 3-4 times and the whole point really has no plan. That was very nice to see, then, in 2007, when the ice magic burst group and has gone as good as any of his students, together with Friedhelm from him. Since then he has to rent very quickly once just another student Bartels for his events.

Meanwhile, it is but with the internal martial art, which is touted as not too far away. I've times a martial arts expert with a smuggled to such event by Friedhelm. He was not impressed. (...)
Speaking of fraud, VD sold even his so-called "Book of Power" for over 700 EUR for 8 years now now for a reservation on the website. No one who had made this advance has been seen or his money, much of this book.

This will never appear, because at some point when you have long participated in enough of ice magic, you will notice that it goes no further and VD will really be loved only as a guru. (...)
And to the question "Does ice magic a manipulative character?"
Sure, the whole thing is based only on manipulation. And although the participants. Alone are already through neuro-linguistic clues, almost all the words that needed to be provided with a completely different meaning and completely separates the people from the outside world . But go quietly go there and look at the people at such practices that are totally internally cold and yes you can say almost sick . Only the Tegtmeier pleased that relates so his living by these people. That was exciting, as his old Eismagiegruppe has burst, because they have realized that Tegtmeier's just a faker, he suddenly had not even the money its 10 EUR a month membership fee to pay in the box. Therefore, it is of course his personal concerns to manipulate the people so that the stay there too.
psychological manipulation that

to the question "Is it then to ice magic in magic or psychological manipulation of people?"
Lies Dir ice magic on his home page but once the book to power through, then you know what this is about it: "Modern techniques of zombification - The work to address the social struggle."

alone in the subtitle you can already see that VD has NEN real roof damage and belongs in the loony bin. How should one be popped by to carry out the normal human interaction as a struggle.
contention in the network: Here we delete two sentences

What may be imposed for serious allegations against satanic groups in the network, can any readers have even read that we need not quote here. See, for example: Satanism forum / Ritual abuse, 1 November 2010 .
(- who must feel by the local claims "slander", there - Deletion of a citation at this point. And not here -. Push for deletion of these allegations and then each will link from here into the void.)
Yes, and those instructions go to the prosecuting authorities not? Do not be undercover? Can not they at times some Prosecutors (or former colleagues) ask ...?

very seriously and have worked very critical ten years ago Protestant sects-reconnaissance aircraft with the idea and the insanity of Ralph Tegtmeier. A Georg Otto Schmid mentioned in his article "Does magic?" ( ) from the year 2001 to a Swiss Protestant Internet portal Frater VD:
Frater VD acknowledges the damage spells also a high efficacy. It seems easier to be witches to the unpopular teacher discomfort to the neck as the beloved classmate to win for themselves. Why is that? Why negative thinking seems in magic to be particularly successful?

A note for clarification of the phenomenon gives us Frater VD: "It attacks a specific target, but instead gets a this target person loved ones the full brunt of the attack from most are the relatives or lovers, but it can sometimes business partner. or neighbors are taken. " Consequently, a larger group of people who can quickly consist of several hundred individuals. It is now in the nature of our earthly existence, that of a randomly selected Group of hundreds of people in a period of a few months (and this period is of magicians to the success of their spell damage already used) most likely is at least one or two people a blow expected. Damage spells are so convenient to the law of probability always "successful", but very little accurate.

Other forms of magic can not take advantage of this statistical probability, because a similar inaccuracy of the meeting would not be accepted. If, for example, after my love of magic instead of my beloved its me very unsympathetic classmate or neighbor in love with me, I will not this result as a success want recorded.
(For more research opportunities: Esoterik-Forum 2005 , 2004 , 2006 .)

At this point we had set a photo with the entry of a personal name of the person depicted, making note of source . It was titled: "Grand Lodge meeting," Easter 2007.

as administrator of the "Fraternity of Saturn" on the net Ralph-Peter Trelle ( Groß ) is available with the following information:. Fraternity of Saturn eV, Poststr 70 362, 13 089 Berlin, Tel: 06226/9719537, and Malte Brammer, ARGH IT system solutions, Alter Weg 16, 69 253 Heiligkreuzsteinach, Tel: 06220/9139540. deletion of a sentence. In 1994 the following book ( web ):
V. Frater. D.. [Di Ralph Tegtmeier] and Grand Master.. Thoth.. "The Fraternity of Saturn today." V. Frater. D.. talks to Grand Master.. Thoth.. Bad Münstereifel, Edition Magus published by Ralph Tegtmeier, [1994]. 68 S.
"We provide information about internal processes in the German secret lodges"

on an unofficial website for the Fraternity of Saturn ( ), apparently driven by a breakaway group of the box, set since 5 March 2010 can be found at major reviews. turned on 7 March 2010 on Twitter ago:
We are the new occult information portal and provide information on internal transactions in German secret lodges. focus on the satanic secret society Fraternity of Saturn. Here we delete a previously quoted sentence of the quote here.
This page is how to read it to himself, which threatened to be put back on the net. On 10 April 2010 it was said on Twitter:
Due to the request of a magical personality outside of the FS, we have closed our page.
And on 14 August 2010:
We are starting again! At the request of Grand Master. Immanuel. We have taken our work again.
"The typical female victim for the sexual magic rituals "

somehow imposes itself on the suspicion that a little" transparency "is used as a means to promote those interested ... In March and April 2010 were 22 reviews published here in any case. And in October . 2010 another five in this is now to read the following:
Recorded at the Lodge have since Thoth is in power only people with difficult pasts, people who do not stand with both feet on the people with perhaps poor self-esteem or. from poor parents who searched in the box, family support, as well as father / mother figures.

The typical female victim of this sexual magic Rituals had already - had problems with the police - for any reason whatsoever. It has always placed great value. After all, who has previous convictions, which is believed, of course, less than a grand master was Thoth who in civilian life even leads the robotics department of a major corporation in Leverkusen
As an example, appended to the case of the young woman Pascale W.. It was, as described in other documents in more detail, here we delete half-sentences. (...)
The Grand Master (...), here we have a clear sentence, took on a special relationship to the victim by her suggested, something to be special, an incarnation of a goddess, or an immortal, as he said it would.
boxes morality: it is "unwise" to make publicly known criminal ...

The total of the 3rd October 2010 (emphasis added in original):
Since the discovery of the appalling conditions caused by the Grand Master Thoth, among other things, a dispute about the continuation of the Lodge has begun. One half of the Lodge is behind the / deletion of a word or machinations of the Grand Master Thoth, tried the other half to him (sic - his) to discard.
The situation the scandalous events of recent years seems, according to an insider report to have led to a dispute within the box at the fall meeting 2009th A majority of the members were the reports in the public (...) / five words deleted / an abomination. This will now ensure that they are again in the future can quite alone and isolated from the public to follow their Saturnweg. Responsible for ensuring that the incidents became public, was the careless approach of the Grand Master Thoth .
So not the acts themselves Or deletion of five words / are particularly critical of, but: that they have become publicly known. Behind such words are hidden in huge mountains implications. When will all this nonsense of the secret societies and secret machinations is prohibited?

The "Fraternity of Saturn" (official sites: , Network Blog ) describes itself as "brotherhood" of the "Great Architect of the Universe," talking about the Masons so much, and as "guardian of the threshold ". So we can assume: There is still much behind to it only kept emerging out of her own And verschiednentlich express occultists in the network that are not members of the Fraternity of Saturn, its sympathy with the events in this box, apparently because they see it also as a "Eintrittsloge" for those boxes, which they themselves are probably more important, and for which the "recruits" would like to see pulled out of the "Fraternity of Saturn."

The "Fraternity of Saturn," but sets out, to be themselves no Masonic Lodge. But with the "thousand masks" used in these circles, it would be madness to give up such words even a hoot. In every Masonic Lodge in the world dripping with the rituals of blood sacrifices, threats, intimidation. So why should not have any masonic lodge an interest in this world that even the decidedly satanic working boxes can continue to work unmolested ...

further reading (mostly ungesichtet, but serious):

first King, Peter-R. Demiurgi Nosferati In Nomine. 1970 - 1998. Association for Religious and Ideological Issues. undated (Munich 1998) (-> content )
second Andreas Huettl and Peter-R. Koenig: Satan - Jünger, Jäger and Justice. Großpösna 2006
third Fromm, Rainer: Satanism in Germany.
4th Biewald, Roland: Occult, Satanism.
5th Liane von Billerbeck, Frank Nordhausen: Satan children
6th Ingolf Christiansen: Satanism
7th Investigation of human-eating cult. Mirror, 16.1.2003
8th Frank Patalong: Murder on camera. mirror, 12.12.2002
9th Final Report of the Study Commission "So-called sects and psycho-groups": / enquete / enquete.htm
10th Prof. Dr. Hartmut Zinser, Ingolf Christiansen, Dr. Rainer Fromm: Focus New Age - Occult, Satanism, the radical right. Published by the Department of Home Affairs - State Youth Authority of the City of Hamburg. 2006 edition, 236 pages. Download as a PDF file, 852 KB. In the AGPF Web site:
12th Heinemann, Ingo: Satanism. In:
13th German Satan sect ate babies, 17.1.2003


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